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'We keep asking the same questions'. Illustration: Reem Al Jeally
"We keep asking the same questions". Illustration: Reem Al Jeally

As part of the final conference of the INSPIRE project, we invite you to this engaging roundtable meeting on arts and activism in Sudan.

All welcome!

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10.30 Introduction. Sudanese artists and art in times of political upheavals – Katarzyna Grabska

10.40 "(Un)doing resistance and art in Sudan – historical perspectives" Ruba El Malik (writer)

10.55 Presentation and film "Sudanese art scene in times of the 2019 revolution, interim period, war and displacement" Reem Al Jeally (artists and curator), Azza Ahmed Abdel Aziz (researcher), Katarzyna Grabska (researcher)

11.25 Panel Discussion with Suzannah Mirghani (filmmaker), Mohamed Sonata (musician), Khalid Shatta (artist), Omnia Shawkat (Andariya Platform) and Ruba El Malik (writer) - moderated by Katarzyna Grabska

11.55 Questions and answers

12.15   Lunch and open gallery with visual artists Tibian Bahari, Hani Khalil Jawdat, Backri Moaz Jack, Yasir Ahmed Algrai, Galal Yousif Goly and Altayeb Musa