PRIO Researcher Mark Naftalin was recently cited in several publications on the occasion of the inauguration of Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (16th January 2012)

Commenting on the potential hurdles that President Johnson Sirleaf needs to overcome during her second term, Mark suggested that whilst the challenges will not fundamentally change, expectations of her being able to deliver on promises will increase and will have to be carefully managed. Since the signing of Liberia's Comprehensive Peace Agreement over eight years ago which brought the most recent period of fighting to an end, the country is entering a new phase.

Mark writes: "How Sirleaf manages this shift in the country’s changing post-conflict environment will be critical...rather than being [exclusively] judged by her ability to consolidate Liberia’s peace following the 2003-2005 transition period, in addition to post-conflict reconciliation (in which she has only been partially successful), she will be increasingly judged by her ability to provide long-term development for Liberia and Liberians".