The University of Oslo (UiO), the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO) have been running a research school in peace and conflict studies since 2011. Recently, the school was granted status as a ‘National Research School’ by the Research Council of Norway, allowing for the consolidation and expansion of the school’s activities and outreach. The National Research School in Peace and Conflict offers advanced research training for the next generation of peace and conflict scholars by building on, and expanding, networks and expertise at UiO, NTNU, PRIO and beyond. The collaboration is characterized by multidisciplinary approaches to peace and conflict issues, international profile and outlook, and research excellence. For further information about the school, please consult its web-page:

Applications must include a 5-page project description, a certificate of acceptance at a PhD program, and funding confirmation. The deadline is 01 March 2013. Decisions will be made by the end of March, 2013. Please consult the research school webpage for this semester’s program, keeping the dates of the Symposium 24-26 April in particular.

Contact person:
Kristoffer Lidén, PRIO (

Who can apply?
It is a prerequisite for applicants that they

  • have been accepted in a PhD program at an institution which awards academic degrees;
  • have funding for their PhD (the research school does not provide funding);
  • are in the first year of their PhD work.

Students should be able to integrate most of the courses of the research school in the compulsory research education of their PhD program at the University.