The Research School on Peace and Conflict invites applications for the course Research Methods in Critical Security Studies 8-12 December 2014.

This course provides an introduction and overview to a range of research methods in critical security studies. Its aim is to provide tools and methods to students of critical security studies in support of clear research design and rigorous scholarly methods. Lectures and discussions will emphasize reapplication of classical scientific research questions for the field of critical security studies: sufficient proof, critical position, and coherency of argument, reshaped and reapplied to these four principles.

Coordinators and primary lecturers:

     [J. Peter Burgess]( (PRIO) and 
     [Mark B. Salter]( (University of Ottawa).

The deadline for applications is 31 October 2014. For more information on curriculum and registration, please see the course website.

The course is organised in collaboration with the SOURCE Network on Societal Security.