Kristian Berg Harpviken, Director of the Peace Research Institute Oslo, writes of the Presidential inauguration on local television, from Kabul, stating that "it is difficult to say whether we are seeing a new Afghan spring or the onset of a disaster." Read more of this article on the PRIO blog.

"After weeks and weeks of quarrelling, the two main presidential contenders settled on a power-sharing formula: Ashraf Ghani is the new president, while Abdullah Abdullah takes up a newly established Prime Minister post. The latter also demanded a more prominent role during the inauguration, however, which led to a hot debate over the inaugural liturgy during the last few days. In fear of Abdullah abstaining, many sighed with relief when he finally appeared on stage. But in the end, the inauguration was Ghani's ceremony. As the newly sworn in president, he delivered a lengthy and ambitious address that poked a finger at many of those present."