Kristian Berg Harpviken

Kristian Berg Harpviken

Research Professor


Mobile phone: +47 920 61 861

X: @harpviken

Interests and experience

Peacemaking Transnational mobilization and civil war
War-related migration and social networks
Regional (in-)security
Peacebuilding and peacemaking
Methodology in contexts of crisis and conflict


Norwegian, English; basic French and German

Work Experience

2017– Research Professor, PRIO
2009–17 Director, PRIO
2008 Guest Researcher, Institute for International Migration (ISIM), Georgetown University
2007– Associate Fellow, Post-War Reconstruction and Development Unit (PRDU), University of York
2005–09 Deputy Director, PRIO
2004–05 Programme Leader, Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding (CRPB) programme, PRIO
1999– Senior Researcher, PRIO
1999–06 Project Leader, 'Assistance to Mine-Affected Communities (AMAC)'
1998 Guest researcher (Fulbright Scholar), Department of Sociolocy, University of Chicago
1997–03 Research Fellow, Department of Sociology and Human geography, University of Oslo.
Project: 'Flight and Social Decision-Making: Forced Migration in Afghanistan'
1995–97 Research Fellow, PRIO.
Project: 'Common Security in Southern Africa' (17 months)
1990–92 Director and Agricultural Coordinator, Norwegian Afghanistan Committee (NAC), Peshawar, Pakistan
1989 Conscientious Objector, Norwegian Afghanistan Committee (NAC), Oslo
1983–88 Farmer, Harpviken Farm, Brumunddal
1982 Military Service
1981–93 Farm work, Nedre Berg Farm, Brøttum


| 2017– | Member of the Board of Directors, Global Resource Network on Conflict (GRNC), Washington DC | | 2017– | External Board member, Department of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages, Faculty of Humanities, University of Oslo |

2016– Member of the Advisory Committee of the joint United Nations and World Bank Policy Study on the role of Development in the Prevention of Violent Conflict.
2016– Board member, Research Council of Norway’s Board committee for international issues [Styreutvalg for internasjonale saker]
--- ---
2015– Board member, Division for Society and Health, Research Council of Norway
2015–16 Member of Norwegian Commission of Inquiry on Norway’s civilian and military involvement in Afghanistan during the period 2001–2014
2014– Governing Board member,
        [Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development]( (MGIEP), New Delhi |

| 2014– | International Board member, Bonn International Center for Conversion (BICC) | | 2013– | Advisory Board member, Norwegian Polytechnic Society | | 2012– | Board of Trustees member, the Oslo Center for Peace and Human Rights | | 2012– | Advisory Board member, Business for Peace Foundation | | 2012–16 | Editorial Board member, Politics and Governance (Open Access journal) | | 2011– | Scientific Advisory Council member, Finnish Institute of International Affairs (FIIA) | | 2010–14 | Programme Council member for the MA programme in Peace and Conflict Studies (PECOS), University of Oslo | | 2007– | Editorial Board member, Comparative Social Research (yearbook published by Emerald) | | 2006–09 | Member of the National Committee for Research Ethics in the Social Sciences and the Humanities (Norway) |


2017 Senior Executive Course (Sjefskurset), Norwegian Defence University College, Oslo
2006 PhD in Sociology, University of Oslo [Dissertation]
1993–95 Cand. Polit (M.Phil.) in Sociology, University of Oslo [Dissertation]
1991–93 Development Studies, University of Uppsala
1987–89 Cand. Mag, University of Oslo
1984–86 Management studies, Norwegian School of Management, Gjøvik
1982–83 Agriculturalist, Staup School of Gardening, Levanger
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