The attention surrounding the PRIO Director's annual speculations on who might be selected for the Nobel Peace Prize are at a peak now, with the outcome being announced by the Nobel Committee tomorrow. Here is Kristian Harpviken's list:

  1. Angela Merkel, for staking out a more humane course in the European response to the mounting number of refugees. Read more at the PRIO blog.
  2. Juan Manuel Santos and Timoleón Jiménez, for their commitment to a peace process that carries strong promise of bringing the Colombian conflict to an end. A blog post about these candidates can be read here.
  3. Dmitry Muratov and the Novaya Gazeta, for their continued challenging of political developments in Russia and its immediate neighbourhood, despite the loss of several journalists in violent attacks. Pavel Baev wrote a blog post about this last year, when Novaya Gazeta was also on Harpviken's list.
  4. Article 9 Association, for their work to preserve Article 9 in the Japanese constitution, which renounces Japan's right to engage in war or to maintain military forces capable of engaging in war. Also on the list last year, Stein Tønnesson and Gunnar Rekvig blogged about this in 2014.
  5. Jeanne Nacatche Banyere, Jeannette Kahindo Bindu and Denis Mukwege, three Congolese who stand at the forefront of the struggle against sexual violence. Read Gudrun Østby and Ragnhild Nordås at the PRIO blog.