Gunnar Garbo died on 29 June at the age of 92. As a member of the Norwegian Storting (Parliament) for 16 years and as chair of the Liberal Party for six, he was an early supporter of peace research.

​He was also active in the Norwegian Peace Academy in the 1960s, a forum for exchange between peace researchers and the peace movement and served as chair of the government-appointed Norwegian Council for Disarmament. After the end of his political career, he served as a guest researcher at PRIO in 1974 and wrote a book published by Gyldendal in 1975: Opprustet og forsvarsløs. Om rustningskappløpet og arbeidet for internasjonal nedrustning [Armed and Defenceless. On the Arms Race and the Work for International Disarmament]. Later, he joined the Foreign Ministry and served, inter alia, as Ambassador to Tanzania. In his retirement, he retained a strong commitment to peace and disarmament, and was active in the public debate. He maintained contact with PRIO throughout his life.​​