Gunnar Garbo died on 29 June at the age of 92. As a member of the Norwegian Storting (Parliament) for 16 years and as chair of the Liberal Party for six, he was an early supporter of peace research.

He was also active in the Norwegian Peace Academy in the 1960s, a forum for exchange between peace researchers and the peace movement and served as chair of the government-appointed Norwegian Council for Disarmament. After the end of his political career, he served as a guest researcher at PRIO in 1974 and wrote a book published by Gyldendal in 1975: Opprustet og forsvarsløs. Om rustningskappløpet og arbeidet for internasjonal nedrustning [Armed and Defenceless. On the Arms Race and the Work for International Disarmament]. Later, he joined the Foreign Ministry and served, inter alia, as Ambassador to Tanzania. In his retirement, he retained a strong commitment to peace and disarmament, and was active in the public debate. He maintained contact with PRIO throughout his life.