​The Afghanistan Week is joint effort by PRIO, the Norwegian Afghanistan Committe (NAC), and the Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI). Our aim is to bring Afghanistan and Afghan issues to the top of the Norwegian agenda.

​For the full list of events during this year's Afghanistan Week, please visit our page on Sched.

The following events take place at PRIO's premises in Hausmanns gate:

Tue 20 Sep, 17:0020:00​

Afghanistan: From Lessons Learned to Decision-Making

Opening Night of the Afghanistan Week 2016

Wed 21 Sep, 18:0020:00

Hopes and Realities in Afghanistan

Thu 22 Sep, 09:0011:00

The Refugee Crisis Seen from Afghanistan

Migration Theme part 1

Thu 22 Sep, 11:3013:30

Managing Return Migration – Forced, Assisted, and Voluntary

Migration Theme part 2

Thu 22 Sep, 14:0016:00

Opphold i Norge – Hva nå? (in Norwegian)

Migration Theme part 3

Fri 23 Sep, 08:3010:30

Great Power Games in Afghanistan and the Region

Breakfast Seminar