Louise Olsson, Senior Researcher at PRIO. Photo: Iver Kleiven / PRIO

​PRIO Senior Researcher Louise Olsson, together with Erika Forsberg and Karen Brounéus at the Department of Peace and Conflict Research, Uppsala University, will soon begin a new project called ‘From Hopeful Agreements to Disillusioned Peace? The effects of peace agreement implementation on women’s security and empowerment'.

When a peace agreement is turned from words into actions, what are the actual effects of the implementation process for women’s security and empowerment? A growing number of studies indicate that when moving on to the implementation of a peace agreement, the creation of a more peaceful society for men does not automatically mean the creation of a more peaceful situation for women (Caprioli 2004; Olsson 2009; Brounéus 2014). 

Building on this developing new research, this project seeks to contribute to the quantitative and qualitative literature on durable peace. The researchers will include a fine-grained analysis of the post-conflict quality of peace rather than only focusing on the absence of armed conflict, which has been the focus of earlier research. In this way, the researchers will aim to contribute new knowledge to quantitative and qualitative literature on durable peace.

This project is funded by the Swedish Research Council.