MQ-9 Reaper drone. U.S. Air Force/Public Domain
MQ-9 Reaper drone. U.S. Air Force/Public Domain

PRIO Senior researcher Bruno Oliveira Martins has been awarded a grant from the Open Society Foundations to lead the project TRANSAD – Transnational Academic Network for the Study of Armed Drones.

TRANSAD creates a international network that brings together a diversified group of experts that work on the proliferation and usage of armed drones. It aims at creating a stable and long-term oriented structure of internationally renowned scholars from across Europe and beyond, aiming at advancing the study of armed drones and to communicate its findings to the broader society outside academia.

The idea for this project emerged from the understanding that several theoretical debates on armed drones often unfold within closed and self-reinforcing academic circles. This logic favours replicated arguments and dynamics of intradisciplinary, and often leads to the absence of communication between different strands of knowledge in the field.

The project will be led by PRIO and will have the University of Bath's Centre for War & Technology as a partner.

More information will be available soon.