Differ Media at work. Michael Arvanitidis
Differ Media at work. Michael Arvanitidis

The new research communications project CINEMIG will use cinematic formats to increase the value-added of PRIO’s research on the causes of international migration.

PRIO coordinates MIGNEX, the largest-ever European funded research project on migration to Europe, which collects data in 25 communities across Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

  • What are the problems that make people want to leave their own country?
  • Why do some countries have large numbers of people leaving, while other countries that are poorer and more insecure do not?
  • Will fewer people want to leave poor countries if we invest more in development?

Such issues are central to the research. Much of the analyses will be rather technical and target specialist audiences. What the CINEMIG initiative enables, is to reach broader audiences. In doing so, it will not only disseminate insights on migration, but also raise awareness of the contribution of research to tackling societal challenges.

PRIO researchers will work with the production company Differ Media, which has produced a series of award-winning documentaries and describe their work as 'telling personal and powerful stories about the most important issues of our time'.

The interaction between filmmaking and research will be facilitated by Differ Media's previous coverage of related topics, as well as by the MIGNEX team's emphasis on research communication. The CINEMIG initiative receives funding from the Research Council of Norway’s FORSTERK programme.

• Title of project: Cinematic Communication for Increased Impact of MIGNEX

• Project leader: Jørgen Carling

• Project members: Marta Bivand Erdal

• Start date & end date: March 2020 – May 2022