Migration research at PRIO enters a new phase with the launch of the PRIO Migration Research Centre.

"Migration research has been one of the gems of PRIO for many years, and I take great pride in us now launching the Migration Research Centre to strengthen this research agenda even further. I look very much forward to support this initiative", says PRIO director Henrik Urdal.

For more than a decade, researchers at PRIO have done research on migration processes, transnational practices, and belonging and diversity. Under these broad headings, specific topics have included refugee livelihoods, migrant smuggling, remittances, civic engagement and a range of other issues.

A key aspect of PRIO's research on migration is that it spans the entire migration chain—from the conditions that spur departures, via migration processes to settlement and integration, sustained ties with communities of origin, and possible return or onward migration.

The PRIO Migration Centre builds upon success in developing externally funded research projects. The current portfolio includes two prestigious grants from the European Research Council, two Young Researcher Talent grants from the Research Council of Norway, the largest-ever European project on migration and development. The projects span cutting-edge theory development as well as practical application to issues such as refugee education.

The PRIO Migration Update keeps subscribers informed about the centre's publications, educational opportunities, resources, and other news.

The PRIO migration centre is co-directed by Jørgen Carling and Marta Bivand Erdal, both Research Professors at PRIO. The centre's virtual home is at migration.prio.org.