Varosha: Between Human Rights and Realpolitik

Last summer Turkey and the Turkish Cypriots opened up the ghost town of Varosha, a suburb of Famagusta, fenced off and uninhabited since the division of the island in 1974. In this podcast, Mete Hatay, Senior Research Consultant at the PRIO Cyprus Centre, provides interesting background information on the ghost town and discusses the political implications of the opening as well as ways forward.

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Will the Cypriot youth tip the scales in the Cyprus problem?

It is an unusual and difficult situation to be young in a country that has been divided politically for more than 55 years, and physically for more than 45 years. Ever since the referendumin 2004 regarding the "Annan Plan" and the contrasting voting behaviour of the Cypriot youth on both sides of the divide, the perception of the Cypriot youth moved to the centre of research interest. Listen to the lively exchange between the author Cihan Dizdaroğlu, Assistant Professor at the Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations at Coventry University with Hubert Faustmann, Director of the FES Office in Cyprus and Mete Hatay, Senior Research Consultant at the PRIO Cyprus Centre.

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