Demonstration in Sheikh Jarrah. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Demonstration in Sheikh Jarrah. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

In a series of brief blog posts, researchers of the PRIO Middle East Centre offer their reflections on the unfolding Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. The reflections cover historical and political background as well as current dynamics and future prospects.

In the first blog post, Pavel Baev explains the non-ceasefire from a geopolitical perspective.

In the second blog post, Jørgen Jensehaugen stresses the importance of addressing the structures that are behind the new round of escalations.

In the third blog post, Alaa Tartir shares reflections on the Palestinian uprising in recent weeks and what it means for the future of the Palestinian struggle for self-determination and liberation.

In the fourth blog post, Pinar Tank highlights how Erdoğan’s engagement with the most recent Israeli-Palestinian violence follows a pattern whereby Turkey is strengthening its regional power status.

In the fifth blog post, Bruno Oliveira Martins takes note of three developments related to military technology seen in this round of escalations. These developments are likely to raise the stakes in future military confrontations.

In the sixth blog post, Harry Tzimitras points to the broader trends accentuated by this round of escalations, focusing on the paralysis of EU's foreign policy and the prioritization of realist politics over declared principled positions.