Sebastian Schutte: Bibliography

16 publications

Sebastian Schutte & Claire Kelling (2022)
A Monte Carlo analysis of false inference in spatial conflict event studies

Journal Article in PLOS One

Sebastian Schutte, Constantin Ruhe & Andrew Linke (2021)
How indiscriminate violence fuels conflicts between groups: Evidence from Kenya

Journal Article in Social Science Research

Sebastian Schutte, Constantin Ruhe & Niranjan Sahoo (2021)
How Fear of Violence Drives Intergroup Conflict: Evidence from a Panel Survey in India

Journal Article in Terrorism and Political Violence

Sebastian Schutte, Jonas Vestby, Jørgen Carling & Halvard Buhaug (2021)
Climatic conditions are weak predictors of asylum migration

Journal Article in Nature Communications

Sebastian Schutte (2019)
Politics or prejudice? Explaining individual-level hostilities in India’s Hindu–Muslim conflict

Journal Article in International Interactions

Sebastian Schutte (2017)
Geographic Determinants of Indiscriminate Violence in Civil Wars

Journal Article in Conflict Management and Peace Science

Sebastian Schutte (2017)
Regions at Risk: Predicting Conflict Zones in African Insurgencies

Journal Article in Political Science Research and Methods

Sebastian Schutte (2017)
Violence and civilian loyalties: Evidence from Afghanistan

Journal Article in Journal of Conflict Resolution

Sebastian Schutte (2017)
The Political Legacy of Violence: The Long-Term Impact of Stalin’s Repression in Ukraine

Journal Article in The Journal of Politics

Sebastian Schutte (2015)
Geography, outcome, and casualties: A unified model of insurgency

Journal Article in Journal of Conflict Resolution

Andrew Linke, Sebastian Schutte & Halvard Buhaug (2015)
Population Attitudes and the Spread of Political Violence in Sub-Saharan Africa

Journal Article in International Studies Review

Sebastian Schutte & Karsten Donnay (2014)
Matched wake analysis: Finding causal relationships in spatiotemporal event data

Journal Article in Political Geography

Dirk Helbing, Dirk Brockmann, Thomas Chadefaux, Karsten Donnay, Ulf Blanke, Olivia Wooley-Meza, Mehdi Moussaid, Anders Johansson, Jens Krause, Sebastian Schutte & Matjaz Perc (2014)
Saving human lives: what complexity science and information systems can contribute

Journal Article in Journal of Statistical Physics

Sebastian Schutte (2012)
Cooperation beats deterrence in cyberwar

Journal Article in Peace Economics, Peace Science, and Public Policy

Sebastian Schutte & Nils Weidmann (2011)
Diffusion Patterns of Violence in Civil Wars

Journal Article in Political Geography

Sebastian Schutte (2010)
Optimization and falsification in empirical agent-based models

Journal Article in Journal of Aritificial Societies and Social Simulation

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