Nasia Hadjigeorgiou

Research Consultant

Interests and experience

During her collaboration with the PRIO Cyprus Centre she will conduct research in preparation of a report on the legal status of the Nicosia buffer zone.

Dr Hadjigeorgiou is an Assistant Professor in Transitional Justice and Human Rights at UCLan Cyprus. Her monograph, entitled Protecting Human Rights and Building Peace in Post-violence Societies: An Underexplored Relationship (Hart Publishing, 2020), which received the Constantinos Emilianides Annual Book Award in Law for 2020, focuses on the protection of human rights in Cyprus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Northern Ireland and South Africa. She has edited a book (Brill, 2019) and published a range of peer-reviewed articles and book chapters in the area of human rights in Cyprus and elsewhere. In 2020, she implemented two research projects, one funded by the International Peace Research Association (IPRA) Foundation and the other by the Hellenic Observatory of the London School of Economics. Between 2022-24, she will be leading a group of UCLan Cyprus academics in the implementation of the EU-funded programme 'PRESERVERE – Preventing Racism and Discrimination – Enabling the Effective Implementation of the EU Anti-Racist Legal Framework'. Her work on human trafficking in Cyprus has been funded by the British Institute of International and Comparative Law, the British High Commission in Cyprus and UCLan's Research Centre for Migration, Diaspora an Exile. Her full academic profile is available at

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