Katharina Pfaff left PRIO in 2021. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons.

Katharina Pfaff

Katharina Pfaff

Interests and experience

  • Determinants of repression
  • Political instability and multinational businesses
  • Protest data and trends

Katharina Pfaff is a postdoctoral researcher at Vienna University of Economics and Business. In her most recent research project, she and her co-authors analyze which political factors affect the supply and demand of protests against Covid-19 containment policies

Working experience

2016 - present: postdoctoral researcher (Department Socioeconomics, Vienna University of Economics and Business)


2016: PhD, Economics (Graduate School of Law and Economics, University of Hamburg / Department of Government, University of Essex)

2013: MA, International Economics (University of Göttingen / Catholic University of Leuven)

2011: BSc, International Economics (University of Tübingen / University of St. Gallen)

Languages spoken

English, German, basic Spanish, Italian and French

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