What Affects the Distribution of Protests against Coronavirus Measures?

Policy brief

Pfaff, Katharina; Eric Neumayer & Thomas Plümper (2021) What Affects the Distribution of Protests against Coronavirus Measures?, Conflict Trends, 5. Oslo: PRIO.

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, protests related to the crisis have taken place all over the world. The central topic of these protests is opposition towards lockdowns, distancing regulations, mask requirements, closures of schools and businesses, and vaccination programs. Protesters also demand more resources and economic support for those affected by coronavirus-related restrictions. While the stances against coronavirus policies are shared by protesters worldwide, the number of coronavirus-related protest events varies temporally as well as across and within countries. So far, little is known about which political factors encourage protests against policy responses to the pandemic. This policy brief summarizes empirical findings regarding the political determinants of protests against Covid-19 containment policies in Europe and the US.

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