Marit Brochmann left PRIO in 2012. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons.

Marit Brochmann

PhD Student in Political Science at the University of Oslo


Work phone: 996 49 078

Mobile phone: 996 49 078

Research Interests

My PhD project has the working title "Conflict and Cooperation in International River Basins" and I examine interaction between states that share one or more river basins. General measures for conflict and cooperation such as war onsets, joint memberships in international organizations, trade and alliances will be examined. Also, more river specific interactions, including water treaties and water specific events will be investigated.

Working experience:

Jan-June 2005: MA Student at NTNU, Trondheim with a scholarship from CSCW

June 2006-Aug 2006 Research assistant CSCW/NTNU

From 1 September 2006: PhD student in political science at University of Oslo


MA June 2005 at NTNU, Trondheim

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