Rocco Bellanova: Bibliography

24 publications

Mark B. Salter et al. (2019)
Horizon Scan: Critical security studies for the next 50 years

Journal article in Security Dialogue

Lynn P. Nygaard & Rocco Bellanova (2018)
Lost in Quantification: Scholars and the Politics of Bibliometrics

Book chapter in Global Academic Publishing: Policies, Perspectives and Pedagogies

Rocco Bellanova & Gloria González Fuster (2018)
No (Big) Data, No Fiction? Thinking Surveillance With/Against Netflix

Book chapter in The Politics and Policies of Big Data: Big Data Big Brother?

Maria Gabrielsen Jumbert, Rocco Bellanova & Raphaël Gellert (2018)
Smart Phones for Refugees: Tools for Survival, or Surveillance?

PRIO Policy Brief

Rocco Bellanova et al. (2017)
Exercising Access Rights in Norway

Book chapter in The Unaccountable State of Surveillance. Exercising Access Rights in Europe

Johann Čas et al. (2017)
Introduction: Surveillance, privacy and security

Book chapter in Surveillance, Privacy and Security. Citizens’ Perspectives

Michael Friedewald et al., eds, (2017)
Surveillance, Privacy and Security. Citizens’ Perspectives

Edited volume

Rocco Bellanova (2016)
What can Robocop(s) teach to critical security studies? An “amateur” reading of surveillance, (dis)order, and critique

Conference paper

Stine Bergersen, Marit Moe-Pryce & Rocco Bellanova (2016)
Bli kjent med din datatvilling!

Popular article in Aftenposten

Dariusz (Darek) Kloza et al. (2016)
Monitoring report on emerging ethical challenges and current societal debates (Deliverable D2.2)

LASIE Deliverables

Rocco Bellanova (2016)
Digital, politics, and algorithms: Governing digital data through the lens of data protection

Journal article in European Journal of Social Theory

David Wright et al. (2015)
Questioning Surveillance

Journal article in Computer Law & Security Review

Gloria González Fuster, Rocco Bellanova & Raphaël Gellert (2015)
Nurturing Ob-Scene Politics: Surveillance Between In/Visibility and Dis-Appearance

Journal article in Surveillance & Society

Rocco Bellanova & Ann Rudinow Sætnan (2015)
A Bird(er)'s-Eye View of Surveillance: Expanding Surveillance Studies' Metaphor Vocabulary

Conference paper

Susanne Sondergaard et al. (2015)
TACTICS: Policy and strategic impacts, implications and recommendations

Research Reports

Rocco Bellanova & Stine Bergersen (2015)
Credit scoring in Norway: Surveillance, (dis)trust and the possibility of critique

Conference paper

Rocco Bellanova & Paul De Hert (2014)
Practices and Modes of Transatlantic Data-Processing. From Sorting Countries to Sorting Individuals?

Book chapter in The Routledge Handbook of European Criminology

Rocco Bellanova (2014)
Data Protection, with Love

Journal article in International Political Sociology

Denis Duez & Rocco Bellanova (2014)
Humains et non-humains dans la fabrique des frontières de l’Europe: une approche in medias res de l’européanisation

Book chapter in L'européanisation - Sciences humaines et nouveaux enjeux

Rocco Bellanova & Gloria González Fuster (2013)
Politics of Disappearance: Scanners and (Unobserved) Bodies as Mediators of Security Practices

Journal article in International Political Sociology

Rocco Bellanova & Denis Duez (2012)
A Different View on the 'Making' of European Security: The EU Passenger Name Record System as a Socio-Technical Assemblage

Journal article in European Foreign Affairs Review

Mathias Vermeulen & Rocco Bellanova (2012)
European ‘Smart’ Surveillance: What’s at Stake for Data Protection, Privacy and Non-Discrimination?

Journal article in Security and Human Rights

Denis Duez & Rocco Bellanova (2012)
Le citoyen face aux nouvelles pratiques sécuritaires de l'Union Européenne : enjeux démocratiques d’une sécurité par les fichiers

Journal article in Espace Populations Sociétés

J. Peter Burgess et al. (2007)
Promoting Human Security: Ethical, Normative and Educational Frameworks in Western Europe


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