Micheline Egge Grung left PRIO in 2000. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons.

Micheline Egge Grung

Project Assistant

Research Interests

"Between the requirements of international law and the requirements of NATO membership. A normative evaluation of a Norwegian parliamentary resolution concerning participation in NATO out-of-area operations" (masters thesis)

On 6 December 1994, the Norwegian parliament passed a resolution that approves of Norwegian participation in NATO out-of-area operations that are not mandated by the United Nations' Security Council. The resolution gives rise to a moral dilemma: On the one hand, the resolution constitutes a breach of the rules about the resort to force in international law. On the other hand, Norway has a duty to take its fair share of the burden as a NATO member. The thesis examines whether participation in non-UN-mandated NATO operations actually constitutes Norway’s fair share of the burden by exploring the matter in light of an Aristotelian approach to justice. The thesis also evaluates the Norwegian parliament’s resolution under the notion of reciprocity. Finally, the thesis tries to conclude as to whether the Norwegian Parliament’s resolution should be criticised, on moral grounds, for having resolved this dilemma in favour of loyalty to NATO, to the neglect of the legitimate claims of international law.

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