Kjell Skjelsbæk left PRIO in 1975. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons.

Kjell Skjelsbæk

Kjell Skjelsbæk

Kjell Skjelsbæk (1942-1991), named Kjell Johannessen until 1969, was researcher at PRIO. Skjelsbæk was PRIO Director 1973-74.

1967-70: Research Assistant for Johan Galtung, project on IGOs and NGOs.

1970: Mag. Art. in political science at the University of Oslo. Thesis: Peace and the systems of international organizations.
1971-72: Researcher at PRIO
1973-74: PRIO director
1974-75: Researcher at PRIO
1974-76: Editor, Journal of Peace Research

Following his time at PRIO, Skjelsbæk was at the University of Oslo, and also worked at NUPI, at UNITAR and at the Life and Peace Institute in Uppsala.

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