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Thursday, 17 Nov 2022
Faith, Hope and a Home of One’s Own
Monday, 30 May 2022
Staying Rather Than Leaving? Displacement and Conflict-Exposure in Ukraine
Tuesday, 12 Apr 2022
Different Responses to Mobility at Europe’s Borders
Tuesday, 1 Mar 2022
People on the Move in the Face of War in Ukraine
Tuesday, 12 Oct 2021
Migrants Are Dying in the Forests on the EU’s Eastern Borders
Friday, 9 Jul 2021
What a Year with No Travel Taught Us about the Future of Fieldwork
Monday, 7 Jun 2021
The State and Its Nation-Builders
Thursday, 29 Apr 2021
How Relevant is #StopAsianHate in Norway?
Monday, 22 Mar 2021
The Debate on Structural Racism Is Far More Polarized Than It Needs to Be
Friday, 19 Mar 2021
Closed Borders, but Continued Migration?
Sunday, 28 Feb 2021
Diversity in Norwegian Academia 2021
Tuesday, 9 Jun 2020
‘It should change’: Young people on skin colour and national belonging in Norway
Tuesday, 14 Apr 2020
Whose Needs? Reflections on Health Information and Minorities
Monday, 6 Apr 2020
Migrants and COVID-19 in Norway: Five Reflections on Skewed Impacts
Tuesday, 18 Feb 2020
Why We Need Research on Migrant Transnationalism Today
Tuesday, 19 Nov 2019
Meet the ‘Good Citizen’
Friday, 15 Nov 2019
Accountable to Whom? Reflecting on the ethics of doing migration research
Wednesday, 23 Oct 2019
Open Knowledge Beyond Replicability
Wednesday, 19 Jun 2019
The Lifelong Peace Advocate: A Portrait of Marek Thee (1918–1999) by Marta Bivand Erdal
Wednesday, 5 Jun 2019
Eid Celebrations and Muslim Generosity
Wednesday, 22 Aug 2018
Eid, Islamic finance and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals
Monday, 4 Jul 2016
A Post-Brexit We?
Thursday, 16 Jul 2015
Most Muslims Celebrate Eid
Thursday, 2 Jul 2015
Equality in North-South Research Collaboration
Friday, 19 Dec 2014
Foreign Helpers
Monday, 28 Jul 2014
Muslim Charity for the Poor
Friday, 4 Jul 2014
Invisible Aid

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