Marte Nilsen: Bibliography

57 publications

Amara Thiha & Marte Nilsen (2023)
Monks and Militias in Myanmar

Popular article in East Asia Forum

Andra MongMao & Marte Nilsen (2023)
Myanmar’s Interrupted Transition: The Democratic Instinct Survives

PRIO Policy Brief

Marte Nilsen et al. (2023)
Community-Led Education among Rohingya Refugees and the Politics of Refugee Education in Bangladesh

Journal article in Journal of Refugee Studies

Marte Nilsen (2023)
Skal UDI ha vetorett over norsk utviklingspolitikk

Popular article in Aftenposten

Marte Nilsen (2023)
Buddhist Violence and Religious Authority: A Tribute to the Work of Michael Jerryson

Book review in Journal of Buddhist Ethics

Jessica Olney et al. (2022)
'Something Is Better than Nothing': Online Learning Pursuits of Rohingya Youth and Teachers in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh

Internal report

Marte Nilsen (2022)
Rohingya-krisen fem år etter massakren

Popular article in Bistandsaktuelt

Marte Nilsen (2022)
Rohingya, fem år etter

Popular article in Klassekampen

Marte Nilsen (2022)
Rohingya refugees still desperate, five years after a genocide

Popular article in Southeast Asia Globe

Hassan Aden et al. (2022)
What Can We Learn from Refugee-Led Education in Kenya?

PRIO Policy Brief

Haakon Gjerløw et al. (2022)
Returning to School or Dropping Out after the COVID-19 Closure? Survey Evidence from Rohingya Refugees and Host Communities in Bangladesh

PRIO Policy Brief

Marte Nilsen (2022)
Narrating democracy in Myanmar: The struggle between activists, democratic leaders and aid workers by Tamas Wells

Book review in Asian Journal of Social Science

Marte Nilsen et al. (2021)
China in Myanmar: Complex Engagements, Complicated Relations

PRIO Policy Brief

Marte Nilsen (2021)
“We Are Alive, but Have No Life”: Rohingya Refugees, Deprived of the Prospects for a Future

Book chapter in Masks of Authoritarianism: Hegemony, Power and Public Life in Bangladesh

Julio Amador III et al. (2021)
An Appraisal of Philippines-China Security Relations under the Duterte Administration (2016–2020)

PRIO Paper

Marte Nilsen (2021)
Tid for solidaritet med Myanmar

Popular article in Bistandsaktuelt

Klo Kwe Moo Kham (2021)
The Quest for Peace in Kawthoolei: The Strategies, Outcomes, and Sustainability of Peacebuilding in Southeast Myanmar, 2012-2020

Master thesis

Marte Nilsen (2020)
Perceptions of Rights and the Politics of Humanitarian Aid in Myanmar

Journal article in The European Journal of Development Research

Marte Nilsen (2020)
The Politics of Humanitarian Aid to Myanmar

Popular article in PK Forum

Marte Nilsen (2020)
Finnes det håp for Myanmar? Valget, makt og motmakt

Popular article in Asiapunkt

Marte Nilsen & Benjamin Dix (2020)
Myanmar: weak leadership is prompting grassroots activists to make a difference

Popular article in The Conversation

Marte Nilsen (2020)
Hvem kan redde Myanmar?

Popular article in Klassekampen

Stein Tønnesson, Ne Lynn Aung & Marte Nilsen (2019)
Will Myanmar’s Northern Alliance Join the Peace Process?

PRIO Policy Brief

Marte Nilsen (2019)
No Peace in a Ceasefire: Women's Agency in the Kachin Conflict

Book chapter in Women Peace and Security in Myanmar: Between Feminism and Ethnopolitics

Jessica Olney et al. (2019)
Preventing a Lost Generation: Community-led education by Rohingya refugees

PRIO Policy Brief

Kendra Dupuy et al. (2019)
Mapping Education Programmes for Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh

PRIO Policy Brief

Marte Nilsen (2019)
The Politics of Humanitarian Aid to Myanmar: Competing Strategies among Norwegian Aid Organizations

PRIO Policy Brief

Stein Tønnesson & Marte Nilsen (2018)
Still a Chance for Peace in Myanmar?

PRIO Policy Brief

Marte Nilsen & Shintaro Hara (2018)
Religious Motivation in Political Struggles: The Case of Thailand's Patani Conflict

Journal article in Journal of Religion and Violence

Svein Erik Stave, Marte Nilsen & Kristin Dalen (2018)
Evaluation of Norwegian Efforts to Ensure Policy Coherence for Development


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