Network on Applied Global Justice

Led by J. Peter Burgess

May 2003 – May 2003

The ENI program will host, for a period of three years (beginning in April 2003), a working group on the ethics of military intervention. This is one of eight working groups in a European Research Training Network on Global Justice funded by the EU. Each of the research groups in the network will study a particular sphere of justice: human rights and criminal justice (University of Saarland); democratic participation (University of Graz), environmental justice, sustainable development and future generations (University of Louvain), the right to migration (Consejo Superior de Investigationes Cientificas, Madrid), the right of intervention (PRIO), cultural and minority Rights (Centre National de la Research Scientifique, Paris), economic justice (University of Tilburg), and social justice (University of Zürich).

The network includes an exchange of doctoral and post-doctoral researchers. In this connection, PRIO will receive three such researchers: Dieter Janssen (University of Saarland), who arrived at PRIO in April, will remain here until the end of August. He is studying the UN role in humanitarian interventions. Janssen has previously done research on different argumentative strategies for justifying war, and has studied interventions in Kosovo and Macedonia. Next year, PRIO will host a student from Paris (linked to the CNRS) who will stay for 1 year, and study Thomas Hobbes on war. The third student is linked to the University of Madrid and will stay at PRIO for 1.5 years. She is working in the area of justice and international order.

As part of the same network, Cecilie Hellestveit has received a 3 year stipend to study at the University of Saarlandes, where she will contribute to that research group’s work on human rights and criminal justice, while writing a doctoral thesis in law (to be awarded by the Univ. of Bergen) on "Peace Agreements in Civil Wars of Secession."

In addition to this exchange of doctoral students, each of the 8 network partners will host a workshop on some aspect of global justice. The PRIO workshop will take place in Oslo on 10–12 June 2004 on "the right of intervention."

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