Transformation of the Russian Military

Led by Pavel K. Baev

Jan 1994 – Dec 2002

New media interviews in the New Year

​Voice of America has caught me unprepared with questions about the Russian line in the conflict around Syria, and a Russian business-oriented Internet/radio journal BFM.

Interview with Reuters

​Thomas Grove from the Reuters Moscow bureau called me for a comment on the rising nationalism in Russia, a subject I am not that familiar and rather uncomfaitable with, and the result is here (http://www.

Interview with Reuters on Russia's trust in 'hard power'

​Only one short sentence has come out of long interview with Reuters, and it is not exactly the one where a deep thought is spelled.

Interview with VoA

​Russian and Chinese 'fifth generation' fighters

Interview with Voice of America

​The test of Russian Bulava missile last week was good - but it is not the end of the story

Interview with Voice of America

James Brooke from the Voice of America called me for an interview on the responses in Russia to the execution of Osama bin Laden, and the result is here (http://www.

Interviews wuth the BBC and the VoA on global rating of states

The BBC invited me as a guest-expert for an hour-long discussion with its radio audience on the fresh results of this poll, and the VoA asked me for comments, which are available here (http://www.

Article in the Forbes magazine

The Russian edition of the Forbes magazine has good profile in the Moscow business elite (primarilyy because of their list of billionairs), so when they asked me to write an article - I could not resist the temptation.

Terrorism makes news

The terrorist attack in the Domodedovo airport in Moscow has triggered a massive media attack on one innocent PRIOite.

Interview with Time magazine on the Moscow explosion

Simon Shuster from the Time magazine Moscow bureau called me yesterday for a comment on the terrorist attack in Domodedovo, and the result is here (http://www.

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