Women and Conflict Resolution in the Great Lakes Region

Jan 2005 – Dec 2005

This project is a collaborative effort of research and policy recommendations between International Peace Research Institute, Oslo (PRIO) and CARE Norway. The object of this project is to study the implementation of UNSC Resolution 1325 on women, peace and security in the Great Lakes Region of Africa, and formulate policy recommendations (for NORAD, MFA, NGOs and multilateral actors) on how to improve implementation of Resolution 1325 in the field. UNSC Resolution 1325 covers a wide range of gender related issues. This project focuses specifically on women’s role in peace-building efforts. Resolution 1325 stresses the importance of including women at all decision-making levels in conflict resolution mechanisms. There are several women’s organisations operating at the grass-root level, but incorporation of women’s issues at a higher political level is often missing. This project looks at the link between grass-root activities and the political decision-making level, and recommends initiatives to bridge the gap between these two levels.

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