The Impact of Livelihood-Support Programs in Dadaab

Jul 2007 – Oct 2007


This project evaluates the impact of the various humanitarian and development programmes in the Dadaab refugee camps in Kenya and the surrounding host communities on improving livelihoods for refugees and their hosts. DRC in partnership with CARE Kenya (lead agency in Dadaab) began its operations in Dadaab in 2005 to help prepare refugees socio-economically for eventual return (or another durable solution) and ensure equity between refugees and the surrounding population. While some refugees have become self-reliant, the camps form one of the most significant worldwide examples of “refugee warehousing". The study will focus on the impact of livelihoods and education programmes in increasing the target population’s self-reliance and its impact on the capacity of refugees for self-reliance on access to a durable solution. It is also envisaged that the study will form a baseline for later studies to evaluate changes in the future.

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