Evaluation of the Programme 'Information, Return and Reintegration of Iraqi Nationals to Iraq from Norway (IRRINI)'

Led by Arne Strand

Dec 2009 – Dec 2010

The IRRINI programme – 'Information, Return and Reintegration of Iraqi Nationals to Iraq from Norway' – was established March 1 2008, and will be operated until July 1 2010 as IRRINI II. The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) funds the programme and has commissioned a joint team of researchers from Chr.Michelsen's Institute (CMI) and PRIO to evaluate it, led by Arne Strand from the CMI.

IRRINI is a voluntary return and reintegration programme targeted to Iraqi asylum seekers (also unsuccessful ones and the ones still in the process who wishes to return), and Iraqis with either refugee or protection status, who reside in Norway. The programme is meant to facilitate their voluntary return and sustainable reintegration in Iraq. Whereas UDI funds the programme, it is implemented by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and Business Innovation Programmes (BIP). The evaluation will cover services offered both prior to and after the returnees' arrival in Iraq. A holistic perspective is called for to comprehensively assess the different constitutive components of the programme, and the degree of sustainability of return will be included in the analysis.

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