Youth, Identities and State-Society Relations in the Dynamics of Violence in South Sudan

Led by Ingrid Marie Breidlid

Jan 2013 – Sep 2016

​PHD project at the Faculty of Humanities, University of Oslo.

PHD project at the Faculty of Humanities, University of Oslo.

  • Supervisor at PRIO: Øystein H. Rolandsen
  • Supervisor at UiO: Hilde Henriksen Waage

The doctoral project will explore the drivers, strategies and mechanisms for mobilization and participation of youth in organized violence in South Sudan. Its focus will be on the second civil war (1983-2005) and the post-war period until South Sudan’s independence in 2011. The project will employ a historical and empirically-based approach, but will be informed by conceptual tools developed within the field of social sciences. Within this analytical framework the project will investigate the dynamic interaction between individual and group motives, collective identities and structural features in the fluid political and economic environment of South Sudan.

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