Tactical Approach to Counter Terrorists in Cities (TACTICS)

Led by J. Peter Burgess

Sep 2012 – Aug 2015


TACTICS seamlessly integrates new research results in the area of behaviour analysis, characteristics of the possible urban-based targets and situational awareness into a decision making framework comprising of a coherent set of tools and related processes, supporting security forces in responding more efficiently and effective to a given threat in order to actually prevent the attack or to limit its consequences.

TACTICS will reach this goal by:

  • Improving preparedness of security forces by decomposing threats into observable terrorist behaviours specific for urban environments.
  • Improving the capabilities at security forces’ disposal by improving their management, efficiency and their cooperation in urban environments.
  • Making security forces capable of responding quicker, without being biased in decision making and to be more precise in the kind of information they request and the orders they send out by providing expert knowledge at the fingertips of the professionals of the security services at the time of an actual threat in urban environments.
  • Facilitating a cross-European approach by offering a 3-levelled strategy on the tactical, operational and strategic level.
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