Social Media in Armed Conflict through a Gender Lens: The Case of Myanmar

Led by Julie Marie Hansen

Feb 2018 – Apr 2022

This doctoral research project focuses on the role of social media in armed conflict and peacebuilding from a gender perspective, looking closely at the case of Myanmar.

Specifically, the project aims to answer the questions: What is the role of social media in addressing conflict-related sexual and gender-based violence? Do social media help or hinder efforts to prevent and mitigate the impact of this kind of violence?

​The PhD project at the Department of Media and Communication at the University of Oslo is part of the PRIO project 'Social Media in Armed Conflict: The Case of Myanmar', funded by the Research Council of Norway.

  • Supervisor at PRIO: Inger Skjelsbæk
  • Supervisor at the University of Oslo: Cristina Archetti

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