Youth Exclusion and Political Violence

Led by Henrik Urdal
Jan 2008 - Jun 2012



Peer-reviewed Journal Article

Østby, Gudrun; & Urdal, Henrik (2010) Education and Civil Conflict: A Review of the Quantitative, Empirical Literature .

Book Chapter

Urdal, Henrik(2011) Demographic Aspects of Climate Change, Environmental Degradation and Armed Conflict Population Distribution, Urbanization, Internal Migration and Development: an International Perspective. : United Nations Population Division(243–263).

Report - External Series

Barakat, Bilal; & Urdal, Henrik (2009) Breaking the Waves? Does Education Mediate the Relationship Between Youth Bulges and Political Violence?, Policy Research Working Paper, 114. : The World Bank.
Urdal, Henrik; & Hoelscher, Kristian (2009) Urban Youth Bulges and Social Disorder: An Empirical Study of Asian and Sub-Saharan African Cities, Policy Research Working Paper, 110. : .