Robotics, AI, and Humanity: Science, Ethics, and Policy

Edited volume

von Braun, Joachim; Margaret S. Archer; Gregory M. Reichberg & Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo, eds, (2021) Robotics, AI, and Humanity: Science, Ethics, and Policy. Cham: Springer.

Read the book here (Open Access)

This open access book examines recent advances in how artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics have elicited widespread debate over their benefits and drawbacks for humanity.

The emergent technologies have for instance implications within medicine and health care, employment, transport, manufacturing, agriculture, and armed conflict. While there has been considerable attention devoted to robotics/AI applications in each of these domains, a fuller picture of their connections and the possible consequences for our shared humanity seems needed.

This volume covers multidisciplinary research, examines current research frontiers in AI/robotics and likely impacts on societal well-being, human – robot relationships, as well as the opportunities and risks for sustainable development and peace. The attendant ethical and religious dimensions of these technologies are addressed and implications for regulatory policies on the use and future development of AI/robotics technologies are elaborated.

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