War and Food Insecurity: New Survey Evidence from Ukraine

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Rudolfsen, Ida; Gudrun Østby; Henrikas Bartusevičius & Florian van Leeuwen (2022) War and Food Insecurity: New Survey Evidence from Ukraine, Political Violence at a Glance. 7 July.

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Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February, food insecurity and food prices have become increasingly concerning. However, the focus has largely been on the consequences of war for the international market and food insecurity abroad, leaving less attention to the lack of food among civilians in Ukraine.

Ukrainians have fled their homes, lost their jobs and income, and faced disruptions of food production and supply chains. In a recent survey in Ukraine, we asked a series of questions to explore food insecurity in more detail. The findings paint a grave picture: one in three Ukrainians are currently food insecure. The findings also indicate that those living in the east, those who are more exposed to attacks, and—not surprisingly—those who are the least well off in the first place are the most endangered by food insecurity.

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