PRIO Annual Report 2019

Annual report

Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO) (2020) PRIO Annual Report 2019. Oslo: PRIO.

Our annual reports give an in-depth overview of the activities and finances of the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO) in the given year.

“2019 has been a year of anniversaries for PRIO. First, PRIO itself turned 60. In June, we celebrated PRIO’s anniversary with a week of events, the crescendo of which was the PRIO Annual Peace Address, delivered by Professor Steven Pinker. In order to document PRIO’s history within the landscape of peace research, we launched the popular PRIO Stories, a series of interviews with and stories about people at the core of PRIO from the early years up until today. PRIO was not alone in celebrating a major birthday this year. Security Dialogue, PRIO’s internationally respected journal of critical security studies, celebrated its 50th anniversary, as did the course in peace research that PRIO runs in partnership with the International Summer School at the University of Oslo.” – PRIO Director Henrik Urdal

PRIO Annual Report 2019 front cover
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