PRIO Annual Report 2015

Annual report

Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO) (2016) PRIO Annual Report 2015. Oslo: PRIO.

Our annual reports give an in-depth overview of the activities and finances of the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO) in the given year.

“Peace Research is the search for new knowledge that has the potential to make the world a better place. PRIO scholars are driven by the conviction that meticulous investigation and solid understanding are essential to preventing conflict, to ameliorating its consequences, and to its resolution. In 2015, we were challenged by the Research Council of Norway, in the context of its evaluation of the country’s social science institutes, to document the societal impact of our work. The exercise has been rewarding, enlightening, and reassuring. We have learnt that our work makes a difference.” – PRIO Director Kristian Berg Harpviken

PRIO Annual Report 2015 front cover
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