PRIO Annual Report 2009

Annual report

Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO) (2010) PRIO Annual Report 2009. Oslo: PRIO.

Our annual reports give an in-depth overview of the activities and finances of the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO) in the given year.

“For PRIO, 2009 was a year of taking stock and looking forward. We celebrated our 50th anniversary. We formulated a new strategy for 2010 to 2013. Once again, our academic output was tremendous. And we continued to play a central role in defining the agenda of peace research. This will be the first Director’s Introduction I write. Being director at PRIO is for me the best job in the world, and I have taken on the position in full recognition of the qualities of the institution, its networks, its global role and, not least, all of the great individuals that work here.” – PRIO Director Kristian Berg Harpviken

PRIO Annual Report 2009 front cover
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