Katolsk ungdom i møte med KRLE-faget

Journal article

Larssen, Marianne Friisberg & Anders Aschim (2023) Katolsk ungdom i møte med KRLE-faget [Catholic youth and RE ], Prismet 74 (4): 277–292.

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This article explores Catholic youths' relationship to religious education in church and school. Our data is based on interviews with youth attending Catholic confirmation catechesis in four parishes in Western Norway, Eastern Norway and the Greater Oslo area. Building on previous research on the experiences of religious minorities in religious education in school, we explore the youths' experiences with the school subject Knowledge of Christianity, Religion, Philosophies of life and Ethics, in particular their views concerning the representation of Catholicism within this subject, and how they experience the relationship between the two educational settings, the public school and the church. We further discuss the potential role of using an insider perspective and a lived everyday religion approach in the school subject, in line with the current curriculum.

Keywords: Non-formal faith education, The Catholic Church, Catechesis, School, Religious Education, Youth, Religious minorities

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