Effectiveness of aid on educational dropout in post-Genocide Rwanda

Journal article

Helskog, Kristine (2024) Effectiveness of aid on educational dropout in post-Genocide Rwanda, International Journal of Educational Development 106.

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This study investigates the effects of the Rwandan Genocide on the probability of primary educational dropout between 1995 and 2019 and how development aid moderates those effects. Specifically, this study examines the role of proximity to genocide-target areas and the degree to which development aid may have moderated the altered household economic opportunities. The results indicate that: (i) geographical proximity to genocide-targeted areas does not increase the probability of dropout; (ii) development aid reduces the probability of dropout within genocide proximity by 20 %; and (iii) The effects of development aid are particularly high in low-income households, making dropout 10.6 % less likely. In sum, development aid plays a significant role in overcoming the long-term effects of the genocide.

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