Kristine Helskog

Kristine Helskog

Research Assistant

Interests and experience

Conflict and education

Humans at war

Quantitative data and methods (using R)

Geospatial data and methods

Kristine Helskog is particularly interested in how conflicts affect children's education.

She is a data science and GIS research assistant working with data management on projects led by Siri Aas Rustad related to topics such as causes and consequences of conflict, particularly with respect to health, education, and children's living conditions; prediction of future conflict; ceasefires; and development aid.

In her data work, she uses R and Rstudio to prepare raw data for analysis. She uses geospatial methods on geocoded data, which enables studying spatial relationships on conflict trends and consequences.


Bachelor's Degree in Political Science, University of Oslo

Yearly course in Pedagogy, University of Oslo

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