Risk Removed? Steps toward Building Trust in Humanitarian Mine Action

Journal article

Millard, Ananda S.; Kristian Berg Harpviken & Kjell Erling Kjellman (2002) Risk Removed? Steps toward Building Trust in Humanitarian Mine Action, Disasters 26 (2): 161–174.

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This article examines the role of building trust in Humanitarian Mine Action (HMA). The role of trust following a mine-clearance operation is largely an unexplored region. Drawing on case studies from Angola, Mozambique and Afghanistan, the article explores how trust can be understood in the context of humanitarian initiatives such as landmine clearance, and outlines the challenges associated with building trust among populations with experience of armed conflict. Because trust is difficult to re-establish following a war, the argument presented here suggests that one way in which this can be done is through building relationships at the organisational and interpersonal levels. The analysis reviews specific measures that mine-action agencies have used to build trust, looking at the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches. The analysis concludes by suggesting general guidelines for how mine-action practitioners can facilitate trust, and by outlining some promising avenues for future research.

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