Demokratska tranzicija u Hrvatskoj: Transformacija vrijednosti, obrazovanje, mediji

Edited volume

Ramet, Sabrina P. & Davorka Matic (2006) Demokratska tranzicija u Hrvatskoj: Transformacija vrijednosti, obrazovanje, mediji [Democratic Transition in Slovenia: Value Transformation, Education, and Media ]. Zagreb.

Croatia, which became independent only in 1991, began its post-communist transition in conditions of war and in the context of nationalist passions inflamed by loss of life and the temporary loss of 30% of Croatian territory. Yet, to achieve a specifically liberal democracy, it is necessary to combat some of the passions associated with the more rabid forms of nationalism, and to build a culture based on notions of human rights, equality, and tolerance. In this undertaking, the media, the schools, and the churches all have roles to play.

        For this volume, the editors have assembled a team of renowned specialists, who have set Croatian values and political culture in a comparative context.  The contributors note remarkable progress in Croatia’s development of liberal values, highlighting especially the changes which have taken place in that country since the death of Franjo Tudjman at the end of 1999.

        This volume is based on a conference held in Trondheim on 3—4 September 2004, thanks to a generous grant from the Norwegian Research Council.

ISBN 953-180-133-9

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