Conflict Prevention in a DDR Context in Haiti

PRIO Report

Hauge, Wenche Iren; Rachelle Doucet & Alain Gilles (2008) Conflict Prevention in a DDR Context in Haiti. PRIO Report. Oslo: PRIO.

This report focuses on local traditions for conflict prevention in Haiti. It summarizes the findings of a study financed by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In the study, two different research methods have been used to identify local models of conflict prevention. The first of these methods is a survey on perceptions of conflict and conflict management – carried out in the department of Artibonite. The second is fieldwork – carried out in four local communities in Port-au-Prince – in areas where the population actively have used their own models of conflict management to preserve peace.This report is mentioned in the International Crisis Group's Policy Briefing (Latin American and Caribbean Briefing No.19) 'Haiti 2009: Stability at Risk', published 3 March 2009 (see page 15).

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