Serbia Since July 2008: At the Doorstep of the EU

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Ramet, Sabrina P. (2010) Serbia Since July 2008: At the Doorstep of the EU, Südosteuropa 58 (1): 15–40.

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With some Serbs subscribing to liberal values in line with those of the European Union and others adhering to nationalist values, reaching consensus on how to tackle the challenges that Serbs face has been difficult. Nationalists’ calls to rehabilitate Axis collaborators distract Serbs from other issues on the political agenda. The dominant sectors of the media as well as the educational and legal systems have been replicating the nationalist syndrome, a process that has impeded the development of a broader civic culture. However, the formation of a coalition government dominated by the Democratic Party in July 2008 marked a partial break with dysfunctional nationalism and has opened a new chapter in Serbian political development.

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