Reclaiming the Fields of War: Mainstreaming Mine Action in Development

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Harpviken, Kristian Berg & Jan Isaksen (2004) Reclaiming the Fields of War: Mainstreaming Mine Action in Development. Oslo/New York: PRIO/UNDP.

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This study was commissioned by the UNDP Mine Action Team in response to increasing demands from mine-affected countries and donor governments for guidance on the development dimension of mine action. The report reviews the history of mine action from a mainstreaming perspective and examines its socio-economic impact. In addition, it looks at how mine action is currently organized in terms of policies, institutional arrangements and resources - and asks to what extent the present approach is conductive to mainstreaming. Addressing mine action and development stakeholders at the international, national and oprational levels, the report outlines a course of action for mainstreaming mine action in development.

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