Hanoi's Long Century

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Tønnesson, Stein (2002) Hanoi's Long Century, in A Companion to the Vietnam War. London: Blackwell (1–16).

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1. Hanoi's Long Century: Stein Tonnesson (PRIO).
Part I: The Vietnamese in Context:
2. In Search of Ho Chi Minh: William Duiker (Pennsylvania State University).
3. Belated Asian Allies: The Technical and Military Contributions of Japanese Deserters (1945-50): Christopher E. Goscha (Sorbonne University).
4. The Realities and Consequences of War in a Northern Vietnamese Commune: Shaun Malarney (International Christian University).
5. The My Tho Grapevine and the Sino-Soviet Split: David Hunt (University of Massachusetts Boston).
6.Vietnam as a Women's War: Karen G. Turner (Holy Cross). Part II: The Americans in Southeast Asian Context:
7. Before the War: Legacies from the Early Twentieth Century in United States-Vietnam Relations: Anne Foster (St. Anselm College).
8. Franklin Roosevelt, Trusteeship, and U.S. Exceptionalism: Reconsidering the American Vision of Postcolonial Vietnam: Mark Bradley (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee).
9. Dreaming Different Dreams: The United States and the Army of the Republic of Vietnam: Robert K. Brigham (Vassar College).
10. JFK and the Myth of Withdrawal: Edwin E. Moise (Clemson University).
11. The Politics of Escalation in Vietnam During the Johnson Years: Robert Buzzanco (University of Houston).
12. A Casualty of War: The Break in American Relations with Cambodia, 1965: Kenton Clymer (University of Texas at El Paso).
13. The Last Casualty?: Richard Nixon and the End of the Vietnam War, 1969-75: Lloyd Gardner (Rutgers University).
14. Remembering Nixon's War: Carolyn Eisenberg (Hofstra University).
15. America's Secret War in Laos, 1955-75: Alfred W. McCoy (University of Wisconsin-Madison).
Part III: Americans at Home and Abroad:
16. Missing in Action in the Twenty-First Century: Bruce Franklin (Rutgers University).
17. African Americans and the Vietnam War: James Westheider (University of Cincinnati).
18. Mexican Americans and the Vietnam War: George Mariscal (University of California at San Diego).
19. They'll Forgive You for Anything Except Being Weak: Gender and US Escalation in Vietnam 1961-65: Robert Dean (Eastern Washington University).
20. The Antiwar Movement: Barbara Tischler (Horace Mann School).
21. The Veterans Antiwar Movement in Fact and Memory: John Prados (National Security Archive).
22. Sanctuary!: A Bridge Between Civilian and GI Protest Against the Vietnam War: Michael S. Foley (City University of New York).
23. Knowledge at War: American Social Science and Vietnam: Michael E. Latham (Fordham University).
24. The War on Television: TV News, the Johnson Administration, and Vietnam: Chester J. Pach, Jr.
Selected Bibliography: Compiled by Amy E. Blackwell. A Companion to the Vietnam War contains twenty-four definitive essays on America's longest and most divisive foreign conflict. It represents the best current scholarship on this controversial and influential episode in modern American history.

Presents twenty-four original essays written and edited by premier experts in Vietnam War history.
Highlights issues of nationalism, culture, gender, and race. Covers the breadth of Vietnam War history, including American war policies, the Vietnamese perspective, the antiwar movement, and the American home front.
Surveys and evaluates the best scholarship on every important era and topic.
Includes a select bibliography to guide further research.

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