Civic and Uncivic Values in Macedonia

Edited volume

Ramet, Sabrina P.; Ola Listhaug & Albert Simkus, eds, (2013) Civic and Uncivic Values in Macedonia. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

Publisher's website

Gaining its independence in 1991, after having been included in socialist Yugoslavia for more than four decades, the Republic of Macedonia has struggled to consolidate its democratic system and independence, and to gain admission into the European Union and NATO, against dogged opposition from Greece. One of the central challenges facing Macedonia, along with other Yugoslav successor states, is to develop civic values and to combat such uncivic values as ethnic intolerance, religious bigotry, and homophobia. This volume brings together leading specialists in Macedonian affairs, both from within Macedonia and from other countries, to offer insights into the experiences and values of the Macedonians, with separate chapters devoted to the media, history textbooks, fiction, the Albanians of Macedonia, and smaller ethnic minorities, as well as other subjects.

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