Non-state actors in civil wars: A new dataset

Peer-reviewed Journal Article

Cunningham, David; Kristian Skrede Gleditsch & Idean Salehyan (2013) Non-state actors in civil wars: A new dataset, Conflict Management and Peace Science 30(5): 516–531.

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​​This paper introduces the Non-State Actors in Armed Conflict Dataset (NSA), which contains detailed information on the state–rebel group dyads included in the Uppsala Conflict Data Project Dyadic Dataset. Existing quantitative studies generally focus on characteristics of countries and conflicts to examine the duration, severity, outcome and recurrence of civil wars, in ways that often ignore the actors in civil wars. The NSA data provides additional information on the organizations involved in conflict dynamics. We describe the structure of the NSA data and the variables included, provide descriptive statistics of the indicators, and discuss areas for future research on non-state actors to enhance our understanding of conflict processes.

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